On Sunday, September 27th, we celebrate our 51st International Tea. The first one was held in 1969 under the leadership of then Pastor Amos Holmes. It was originally called “The International Fall Tea”. The Tea consisted of eight groups within the church.  Later, when our Parish Groups were formed, the International Fall Tea became the International Tea. Each group selected a country to represent, a leader, two hostesses and a recorder. The hostesses dressed to represent the country and participated in a parade during the tea. Food dishes were prepared and food tasting was part of the exciting afternoon  

The Tea became a major fellowship and fundraiser. This event is held every fourth Sunday in September. Unfortunately, this year we are not celebrating as usual because of the pandemic.  However, we are celebrating on our own and have done all we can to support our Church’s ministries.  To our Pastor, members and friends who participated in any way this year, we appreciate you and thank you!  Most of all, we thank GOD for giving us the faithfulness, strength and love in all that we do.  We will be back next year to continue this great event.

Introduction video of the new District Superintendent

Rev. William M. Williams, III